Latino Circuit TV is thrilled to announce that we are now accepting content in the following captivating genres: Movies (Full Features), Sports, Series, and Music.

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Celebrate Latino Culture and Empower Creators. At DFEZ Content Management, our mission is clear: to celebrate the richness of Latino culture, foster vibrant community engagement, and deliver enriching content through our FAST channel. But that’s not all—we’re committed to ensuring that both our talented content creators and DFEZ benefit from our platform.



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U.S. Latino Adult Audience

Like all U.S. audiences, Hispanics spend the majority of their media time watching TV. Regarding their preferences for TV content, Hispanics consistently prioritize streaming-first options.

$ Billion
Bilingual or Primarily English Speakers
FAST TV Viewers

A Few Facts on Fast Channels

media mix wall

While major Latino networks have launched their FAST channels, more offerings specifically targeting bilingual Latino audiences are needed.

  • Consumers are increasingly canceling traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions due to subscription fatigue and the desire for more cost-effective streaming services.
  • Nearly 6 out of every 10 American TV viewers now engage with Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms, which offer content without subscription fees and rely on advertising revenue.



Subscribe to receive periodic updates in your inbox, including news, special events and content partnership opportunities.

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Value Proposition


FAST ad spending in the United States has reached $3.9 billion, highlighting the attractiveness of these free streaming platforms for advertisers.

DFEZ Content Management is poised to launch a captivating FAST (Free Ad Supported Streaming TV) channel tailored for the vibrant Latino community in the United States. This exciting channel will curate a rich tapestry of content, spanning various genres, to engage bilingual and Spanish-language speakers across the nation


Our Partnerships

Content Partners

Utilizing content partnerships, we'll collaborate with social media influencers, leveraging mutual promotion to amplify reach and benefit both our channel and partners.

Audience Engagement

Our partners will actively promote the FAST channel to their followers, directing them to tune in. Together, we’ll build a community of engaged viewers who appreciate high-quality, culturally relevant programming.

Hispanic Business

We see immense potential in partnering with Hispanic businesses where their products reach our engaged audience! That is, understanding the nuances of (bilingual) Latino viewership is essential for effective advertising. One of our goals is to provide programmatic tools to help them target their audience effectively

Content Diversity

Our channel becomes a canvas for Latino stories, traditions, and experiences. From captivating documentaries to lively talk shows, we curate content that resonates with our audience.

Content Creators

We empower our creators by offering a fair ad-split revenue share model. Their hard work deserves recognition and compensation.

Revenue Model

LatinoCircuitTV offers our content partners transparent monetization strategies for targeted sustainable revenue and audience growth.

Key Highlights



Unveiling the latest trends, tips, and beauty secrets.



Exploring local breathtaking destinations and cultural experiences.



Both long-form and short-form documentaries that inform and inspire.



Thrilling athletic events and behind-the-scenes stories.



A cinematic journey through captivating narratives.



Engaging conversations with influential personalities.



The latest music trends, shows, interviews and videos.



TV for the whole family.

Meet the Founder & Owner



Doris, a seasoned Partnerships & Business Development/Entrepreneur, brings over 20 years of experience in the US Hispanic Media and LATAM markets. Her expertise lies in content acquisition and programming strategy. She held pivotal roles at HBO, where she shaped HBO Latino programming, and at DIRECTV Latin America, where she skillfully managed relationships with key content providers. Doris holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College, a master's at Fordham University, and a certification from Harvard University.

The Bottom Line on Audiences...

New evidence from 2023 continues to support findings from earlier reports in this series suggesting that America’s increasingly diverse audiences prefer diverse content in theatrical film release

- The Hollywood Diversity Report

Female Audiences..

Female moviegoers bought the majority of opening weekend, domestic tickets for three of the top 10 films and five of the top 20 films released in theaters in 2023

- Global Box Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Our targeted audience comprises bilingual U.S. Latinos aged 18 to 49 years, essentially spanning across Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X.

We offer an extensive array of high-quality programming, spanning sports, music, lifestyle, talk-shows, captivating international content, and a curated selection of movies. Our strategic collaborations with remarkable content providers and prestigious film festivals empower us to showcase critically acclaimed and award-winning films and documentaries.

As an ad-supported streaming platform, LatinoCircuit TV is free to all subscribers.

LatinoCircuit TV provides a business model based on revenue-sharing, where we offer a Net Ad Revenue Split to our content partners.